Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan Canada

frequently asked questions

Tee times: 306.663.5300

Most questions can be answered by looking around our website. Some items may not be listed, so here is a quick reference to our most frequently asked questions.

Who owns the Waskesiu Golf Course?
The Waskesiu Golf Course is actually on Crown property and leased from Parks Canada by the Lobstick Golf Club Inc since 1983. There’s some very good information regarding this information in Dr. Jamie Harris’ 75th Anniversary book.

Do you have a 9-hole rate?
We do. If you look at our golf course map, you will see that the 9th hole is the furthest point away from the pro shop, so we are working on a way to get people back to the clubhouse in a safe and timely manner.

Do you allow walkers or dogs to follow groups?
We do. Dogs MUST stay on the cart and on a leash. Due to some of the wildlife on the course, as well as other groups, dogs can be a distraction.
Walkers can follow along, but they cannot play, or turn into a golfer at any time during the round. They also must walk if all seats are taken up on the cart, and cannot become a distraction to other groups as well.

Do you allow stags/group bookings?
We do allow both. We have a group policy form that must be filled out explaining some of the golf course policies that must be adhered to while on the course. Coolers and liquor not purchased from the club cannot be brought on to the property. Our booking policy can be found on our website under “The Golf Course” tab.

Do you have a dress code?
Golfers must have proper attire when they are at the clubhouse, pro shop & 10th hole shack. Proper shoes must be worn at all times as well. High heels, cowboy boots, soccer or football cleats are not allowed.

Do you allow coolers on the course?
If your cooler contains alcohol, the absolutely not. That is a violation of the Saskatchewan liquor law, and you will be asked to leave your cooler and booze behind. There are some cases that a cooler will be need to keep any medicines cold (diabetic), which will be allowed.

Where is a good place to stay?
Waskesiu has many different options when it comes to accommodations. They vary from cabin models, condo units to tenting. A list can be found on here:

How do I meet golfers at the 10th hole?
The 10th hole is one of the few viewing spots on the course, and can be accessed by car as well. It has a great little menu as well for a quick bite, even for non golfers. It is at the very end of Montreal Drive. Turn onto Montreal Drive from the main road by the tennis courts. There is also google maps on our website.

Do you have a rain check/frost policy?
Yes. Sometimes Mother Nature can’t be on our side. If you tee off in impending rain conditions, there is no rain check. However, if it starts raining and you have not teed off on the 5th hole, you will be allowed a rain check that can be used on your next visit.
Frost can be very damaging to the golf course. Due to the heavy schedule of tee times, any bookings during the frost will be cancelled. Our staff will try their best to fit your group in, but if the course is very busy, we cannot back the tee up.

How long does it take to play a round?
We try our best to get you around the course in 4 to 4½ hours. On busy days, it may take longer. Keep in mind, it does take longer to play the front 9 due to some blind tee shots and two par 3s in the first four holes.

Do you have a beverage cart?
We do have a beverage cart that offers drinks, sandwiches and snacks. It is cash only until we have wi fi capability to cover the entire golf course. The 10th hole shack does take credit & debit.

Is the Clubhouse open to the public?
The Clubhouse is open to everyone. We have created a casual menu with great burgers, appies and cocktails. The clubhouse is also a Historical building, so worth a look as it is a log structure with great views of the lake. The clubhouse also has wi fi if you’re looking to have a coffee and get caught up on some work while on vacation.

How old do you have to be to rent a cart?
At Waskesiu, you have to be 19 years of age to rent a cart. This has a lot to do with our insurance.