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•Hole 10 - Par 4•


Red 353 yards, White 384 yards, Black 410 yards

The Pro says: If you can carry the ball 230 to the top of the hill you will have a real advantage on this hole. If you don’t make it up the aim for the single birch tree behind the green. If you want to keep your second shot on the green you must carry it all the way, most shots landing short kick hard off the downslope and run through the green.

Hole 10 A.jpg
Hole 10 B.jpg
Hole 10 C.jpg
Hole 10 D.jpg

•Hole 11 - Par 4•

Red 329 yards, White 353 yards, Black 368 yards

The Pro says: One of the more interesting holes at Waskesiu, a blind tee shot must be played up the left side to avoid running down the hill into the trees. The green slopes dramatically from left to right so you must play to the left side of the green to keep you ball on the surface.

Hole 11 A.jpg
Hole 11 B.jpg
Hole 11 C.jpg

•Hole 12 - Par 3•

Red 129 yards, White 182 yards, Black 201 yards

The Pro says: The longest par 3 on the course, tee shots need to be all carry to get to the surface. The green slopes dramatically from back to front so a putt below the hole is welcomed. Deep bunkers guard the left and right side of the green.

Hole 12 A.jpg
Hole 12 B.jpg
Hole 12 C.jpg
Hole 12 D.jpg

•Hole 13 - Par 4•

Red 333 yards, White 353 yards, Black 378 yards

The Pro says: The hole where many a good round was ruined. A generous fairway awaits you, favour the left side to avoid getting a bounce right into the trees. A second shot played up a steep hill to the most unforgiving green on the course is a challenge for any player. An absolute must to leave an uphill putt, but don’t be surprised if you have to make a three-footer with three feet of break!

Hole 13 A.jpg
Hole 13 B.jpg

•Hole 14 - Par 4•

Red 390 yards, White 412 yards, Black 427 yards

The Pro says: The elevated tee gives you a great view of the hole. Its easy to aim too far right on this hole so be sure to play to the left side of the fairway. Once again a raised green will require you to carry the ball all the way to the surface. This is the largest green on the course make sure to note where the flag is.

Hole 14 A.jpg
Hole 14 B.jpg
Hole 14 C.jpg
Hole 14 D.jpg

•Hole 15 - Par 4•

Red 285 yards, White 309 yards, Black 326 yards

The Pro says: A great risk-and-reward hole with a great chance for a birdie. Long hitters can reach the green from the tee but there is lots of trouble awaiting an errant shot. A severely sloping fairway directs balls towards the trees. The smart player will lay up but will still be faced with a tough second shot from an uneven lie.

Hole 15 A.jpg
Hole 15 B.jpg
Hole 15 C.jpg
Hole 15 D.jpg

•Hole 16 - Par 3•

Red 138 yards, White 148 yards, Black 166 yards

The Pro says: The tee shot plays dramatically uphill so add at least 1 club to the yardage. Don’t stray too far off line as trees
surround this green. A relatively flat green gives players a realistic opportunity to make a long putt.

Hole 16 A.jpg
Hole 16 B.jpg

•Hole 17 - Par 4•

Red 265 yards, White 285 yards, Black 310 yards

The Pro says: Another great short par 4, once again long hitters may try to reach the green off the tee but a narrow opening to the green means only a perfect shot will find the surface. Another very severe green is the defence of the hole. A large ridge in the middle must be negotiated successfully in order to make a birdie.

Hole 17 A.jpg
Hole 17 B.jpg
Hole 17 C.jpg

•Hole 18 - Par 4•

Red 342 yards, White 360 yards, Black 372 yards

The Pro says: Stay as close to the left hand trees as possible on the tee shot as everything feeds sharply to the right, any balls right of centre will find the trees. Once in the fairway players will need to hit a mid iron over water to the green. Players will want to avoid going long as there is a false back to the green that will take balls off of the green into a bunker.

Hole 18 A.jpg
Hole 18 B.jpg
Hole 18 C.jpg
Hole 18 D.jpg
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